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SunCraft Solar Training Program

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Renewable energy technology products are capital intensive but mainly because they are imported from outside the country. If the youths are trained to produce them locally it becomes affordable to the average Nigerian, this will also create employment for the youth. Through this institution we seek to empower young Nigerians with the capacity to develop renewable energy technologies to meet the energy demands of Nigeria and to promote the industrial applications of renewable energy.

Solar Water Heating System Installed by students
Students After Successfully Installing a Solar Water Heating System

This institute will equip young people (students, graduates and working professionals) with the practical knowledge on how to develop a sustainable renewable energy product that will meet local demands in order to achieve energy conservation/efficiency and the reduce Climate Change.

Do you want to be trained and certified in Solar systems Design, Installation and Maintenance?

Fill out the Application form by Clicking this link.

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